Lorna has over ten years experience in Holistic Therapies, her qualifications are with the 'International Institute of Holistic Therapies' and the 'Centre of Excellence'. Lorna works intuitively and uses 100% organic, ethically resourced essential oils in all treatments. Lorna is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies.

Available Tuesday 1 pm - 7.30pm

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is a series of pressure techniques delivered in massage of the feet and lower legs. The therapy stimulates sensors on the feet sending waves of relaxation throughout the body communicating to corresponding parts of the body triggering revival responses. Essential oils may also be used in Reflexology.

60 minutes £45

Indian Head Massage

We spend a lot of our time surrounded by stimulation …traffic sounds, music, radio, TV … our heads are swirling and working constantly. This massage technique is a seated massage working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, and face, bringing relief from everyday stresses that can cause headaches, eyestrain, stiff neck, and insomnia. We use coconut oil for this one, a great natural moisturiser for the hair.

45 minutes £45

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massages are a sublime treatment. I use 100% organic essential oils, creating synergistic blends to treat a range of specific conditions. Aromatherapy Massage is a massage on the full body including the back, arms, legs, neck and head. You will be able to choose from a selection of essential oils which are blended with a carrier oil, absorbed by the skin. Whether you would like divine relaxation or an energy boost, Aromatherapy massage is unforgettable!

45 minutes £45